Adrian Heath: On Minnesota United, ‘Hindsight United’ and the Playoffs Ahead

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It's about Minnesota United, 'Hindsight United' and the Playoffs(ist/net)(– Minnesota United lost their first four games of the season, essentially turning the last 88% of their schedule into no margin for error. It’s fitting, then, that the Loon family finally caught up to that poor start on the last day of the season. Needing at least a tie to secure a postseason spot for the third straight season.

It’s about Minnesota United, ‘Hindsight United’ and the Playoffs

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That was the uncertain result Minnesota United delivered in Los Angeles. At various points, the year provided validation for criticism from Loons manager Adrian Heath. But at the end of the regular season, if we judge only by the results, it provides a measure of justification for Heath. To reflect on the process and look ahead to Sunday’s playoffs in Portland, Heath joined Wednesday’s Daily Delivery podcast.

The impression is that Heath likes his team’s chances as they prepare for the post-season games and he is relieved to be there. “One thing that was good (early) was the resilience of the players,” said Heath. “I think that’s the one thing that lasts. After that 0-4 start, we sat well internally with everyone.

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