Andy Quy: “Goalkeepers Are a Very Important Part of the Team”

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Goalkeepers are a vital part of a team(ist/net)(

Quy, who will be working alongside highly experienced first-team coaches Christian Lattanzio and Mikel Antia, is enjoying the prospect of building his well-established reputation for success in Europe with a new chapter in Major League Soccer. Goalkeepers are a key component in Miguel ngel Ramírez’s style of play, where a possession-based high-pressure system is built on the ball played from behind.

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“In terms of style, Miguel’s system has some similarities to Thomas Frank’s system at Brentford,” Quy said. “As a goalkeeping coach, part of his job is to be able to work with a manager who has a different style and can adapt, but stay strong in terms of your own thinking and philosophy.

Quy is a UEFA A licensed coach, who is also qualified to coach outfield players. His goalkeeping specialization, however, brings with it some unique responsibilities.

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