FC Dallas Linked with Brazilian Striker

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According to reports FC Dallas is linked with the Brazilian striker(ist/net)(wartaberitaindonesia.com)

wartaberitaindonesia.com– With FC Dallas’ season finally over, it was only a matter of time before transfer rumors started to surface. The rumors of our first transfer of the season are also quite big. Farrid Germano Filho has reported that FC Dallas are in negotiations with Gremio for 23-year-old forward Aldemir dos Santos Ferreira, better known as Ferreirinha.

According to reports FC Dallas is linked with the Brazilian striker

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If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Ferreirinha was linked with Atlanta United FC earlier this season for $9 million (buy clause). A deal that came close to being finalized, so Ferreirinha said goodbye to his team-mates just before the deal fell apart.

Ferreirinha is a winger capable of playing on both sides (he is primarily a left winger), who has made significant appearances for Gremio. Don’t be fooled by his poor regular season stats in Serie A (Brazil’s top table), which shows him scoring just two goals and three assists in 23 games.

It was in that cup game that Ferririnha shone, as he has scored 11 goals and added eight assists in 23 games. Overall, Ferreirinha scored 13 goals and 11 assists in 46 games. Heck, he just made two assists last night. While the $9 million price tag would normally kill any player rumors associated with FC Dallas.

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